Award Speakers
Janel Gauthier, President, International Association of Applied Psychology (talk 9:00 am Saturday, July 29)

Joan Chrisler, 2016 Denmark-Grunwald Feminist Research and Service Award (talk 9:00 am Sunday July 30)

Anna Laura Comunian, 2016 Frances Muller Award Recipient (talk 9:20 am Sunday July 30)

Swati Pajpai, 2017 Seisoh Sukemune/Bruce Bain Early Career Award (talk 9:40 am Sunday July 30)

ICP Human Rights Summit
Chair – Dr Sandra E.S. Neil (Australia)
Discussant - Emerita Professor Dr.Florence Denmark (USA)
Summit Presenters

  • Professor Dr. R. Roth (Austria)
  • Dr. Sandra E. S. Neil Psychologist (Australia)
  • Dr. Jason Wynter (Jamaica)
  • Dr. Machiko Fukuhara (Japan)
  • Professor Justina E. Aire ( Grenada)
  • Dr. Ann Marie O’Roark (USA)
  • Associate Professor Dr. Andrew Simon (USA)
  • Dr. Chris Mulchay (USA)
  • Mrs. Sofia Sousa (Australia)
  • Mrs. Denrich Suryadi (Indonesia)

International Leadership Network Forum
Chair - Dr. Jean Lau Chin (USA)

  • Jean Chin (USA) (Global and Diverse Leadership)
  • Craig Shealy (USA) (Cultivating the Global Sustainable Self; values and beliefs) 
  • Toshi Sasao (Japan) (Peace and Psychology)
  • Rob Elkington (Canada) - Ubuntu and Confucian philosophy and leadership; communal leadership
  • Arthur Roh (USA) - Social Justice and Leadership)
  • Renee Staton (USA) - Multiculturalism and Social Justice)
  • Lee Sternberger (USA) - Assessing international learning processes and outcomes)

Footprints and Visions
Chairs/ Moderators: A. M. O’Roark, C. Hiew, D. Trent, E. Margaona
Former Presidents Reflect on Their Conference Themes & Hopes for ICP’S Future

  • Frank Farley
  • Roswith Roth
  • Sandra Neil
  • Ann O’Roark
  • Florence Denmark
  • Uwe Gielen
  • C. Hiew
  • D. Trent
  • E. Margaona

Town Hall Meeting: ICP past, present and future
Chairs / Moderators: Merry Bullock, Andrew Simon

This brain-storming session will begin with a review of past visioning activities in ICP, and a review of current ICP Present/Future Survey results. All are encouraged to attend to discuss ICP's longstanding and unique contributions to the landscape of international organizations.

Posters In-Absentia

Anna Laura Communian – Chair; Joshua Wright – CoChair

About ICP

Conference Venue

Dyson Center, Pace University


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